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Farrell's eXtreme Body Shaping is so much more than a health club. It’s a family. A motivation center. With Farrell's Round Rock, you’ll get a fantastic workout, nutrition coaching, and the support system you need to meet your goals and improve your life. You’ll feel good—physically and emotionally!

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Live with Power and Purpose.
Everyone comes to Farrell's for different reasons. But our common goals unite us as a family. You'll experience positive change, achieving personal milestones you thought were out of reach. That's what we call living Life at Level 10®! Be inspired by what our members say. Then write your own success story.
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Allison K., Little Elm, TX
“I was getting stronger, both physically and mentally. My husband was also seeing great results. My kids were on board with our new lifestyle even down to the nutrition aspect.”
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Unknown, Little Elm, TX
“I was sweating a lot, couldnt breathe, sore all over and I loved it! It was a routine that I longed missed from days of old.”
Renee K after one year of Farrell's
Renee K., West Dodge, NE
“My calories were increased to 2,000kcal/day, which was a scary number for me. In society we are led to believe that an individual must cut calories to lose weight. I kept hearing, trust the process, and give me 10 weeks.”
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Meet the Farrell's Round Rock Team

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our team is here to help. Everyone here started with their 10-Week Challenge—just like you. Our head coach is here to help you reach your goals, along with our professionally certified instructors. You'll have a personal coach, and the support of fellow Farrell's members.

Life at Level 10® Blog
Our blog is a one-stop resource for tools for your success. You can read incredible transformation stories and find nutritional information, wellness tips, and more to support you on your journey.
Apples are a good source of carbs
Carbs: Too Little or Too Much
Carbohydrates are an essential component of a healthy diet because they fuel your body. Knowing how many carbs to eat can be confusing, because eating too few can cause headaches, fatigue and weakness, while eating too many can cause weight gain. At Farrell's, we'll explain the ideal balance. We'll also educate you about which types of carbs can keep you in burn mode throughout the day and help you avoid cravings and overeating.
Fish is a good source of protein
Protein: Too Little or Too Much
Balancing your regular protein consumption is important for optimal health. It's necessary for repairing and growing muscle, feeling full, keeping bones healthy, and more - but too little or too much protein can cause problems for your body.