It's Kickboxing Day

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What is Strength Training and Why is it Important?
Strength training is a component of the healthy lifestyle we foster at FXB. It can help weight loss and stop osteoporosis and muscle degeneration.
Carbs: Too Little or Too Much
Carbohydrates are an essential component of a healthy diet because they fuel your body. Knowing how many carbs to eat can be confusing, because eating too few can cause headaches, fatigue and weakness, while eating too many can cause weight gain. At Farrell's, we'll explain the ideal balance. We'll also educate you about which types of carbs can keep you in burn mode throughout the day and help you avoid cravings and overeating.
Protein: Too Little or Too Much
Balancing your regular protein consumption is important for optimal health. It's necessary for repairing and growing muscle, feeling full, keeping bones healthy, and more - but too little or too much protein can cause problems for your body.
6 Reasons Why Farrell's Nutrition Works!
By helping you change your lifestyle and food consumption habits, Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping can help you escape dieting and tracking calories for good! Diets don't work because they focus on restricting calories, carbs or fat, components our bodies need to work correctly. At Farrell's, we keep it simple by making little changes to what you eat.